If I am not an established customer, can I order from your website?

Only customers with an established account with us can order via our website. Our website is an order entry platform only and no payments can be submitted via our site. Please contact our customer service team if you wish to become a customer. If you are not an established customer, we can still gladly accept your order via our customer service department. You may also email Customer Service for assistance in getting your account set up.

How do I receive your products if I place an order?

Depending on your location, we will use our own fleet of delivery trucks, UPS, or common carrier. We currently service 11 states in the Midwest on our own trucks. Outlying areas or states we do not service will be shipped via UPS or common carrier. Freight charges may apply.

I can't find an item I am looking for?

We stock thousands of products and our inventory changes on a daily basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please contact our customer service team to help you.

I placed my order, but it never asked for payment?

Our website ordering is for established customers only that are in good credit standing. This portal is for ordering purposes only and does not currently accept payment. You will receive an invoice with your shipment.